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We're Back!!!!

That's right friends!  After years apart, the metal world (and the state of Wisconsin) gets back their beloved radio show!  Yep, the one you have been hoping and praying for to return has returned!  RED AND JERRY'S ROCKIN' METAL REVIVAL is back in the rock n' roll saddle once again!

The boys have built a brand new studio deep in one of the valleys of Wisconsin and  are ready to deliver the same kind of knockout metal entertainment they first became known for in the mid-2000s!


Michael Schenker Group, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Cinderella, Queensryche, Cinderella, Skid Row, Kiss, Ace Frehley, Judas Priest, Dio, Rainbow, Black Stone Cherry, Airbourne, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Ace Frehley, Steel Piston, UFO, Motley Crue, Black Label Society, AC/DC, or most of the other bands from that great era of Heavy Metal?

If so, then you need to mark your calendars and be ready for the ROCKIN' METAL REVIVAL!  Why would you listen to anything else?

Now More Ways To Listen!

Now you can get the "Just the Talk" version of the RMR on iTunes!

RMR Just the Talk on iTunes

And if you just want o hear some of the interviews there is a page for you too. 

RMR- The Interviews on iTunes 

We started a Youtube channel. We'll be putting things up there as we do them, Cause thats the way we roll!

Look us up at 

RockinMetalRevival1 on youtube.

Here's our first one. A Cowbell montage 


Rockin' Metal Revival, Red and JerryWelcome to the ROCKIN' METAL REVIVAL!

We thought we could pull away, but you guys sucked us back in!!  Due to the demand of our fans, we've decided to bring the Rockin' Metal Revival back once again for everyone!

If you are looking for some sort of soft hitting, "everything is great" radio show, then keep looking!  ROCKIN' METAL REVIVAL is more determined than ever to bring you the best interviews and the hardest hitting heavy metal and hard rock ever recorded!  

The return of ROCKIN' METAL REVIVAL finds Red and Jerry, two rock fans that refuse to sugar coat anything, reteaming to give the world of heavy metal radio the firm kick in the ass that it needs!

For Mach 3 of the ROCKIN' METAL REVIVAL, you will get to hear music from bands both old and new; but all who keep the tradition of powerful metal alive!  You'll get classics like UFO, Judas Priest, Kiss and Cinderella...but you'll also get a heavy dose of the more modern bands like Black Label Society, Black Stone Cherry and Airbourne...bands that are keeping the sound alive and rockin'!

The ROCKIN' METAL REVIVAL is back!  Let the preaching begin...again!

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RMR Show 122 is Ready!

This week Red & Jerry welcome Lead Vocalist Brandon Yeagley of the band Crobot to the show. This is another one of Red's Dirty Groove Rock bands. We think your gonna love Crobot and Brandon tells us why!

There is also news of the weird and "Talking Real Metal". And the show is neither informative or entertaining!!